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No, it isn’t a youth club, or a nightclub for that matter! It’s not an exercise or dance class either. It isn’t even a travelling DJ supplying atmosphere to local parties…

hilltop disco is simply an invitation to dance in the company of others, in the heart of the Hilltop villages. It’s not flashy (although there are disco lights) and it’s not expensive (at £3 per one-hour session it costs less than a cup of coffee) but it’s fast becoming the hot ticket in town:

When I first came along to hilltop disco, I had no idea what to expect! Now I look forward to it every week. It’s not a class, so there’s no pressure, you just do what you want. No one judges, it’s just great fun.’  – Claudia

So why dance for fun? It clearly improves a person’s fitness and burns calories galore, but studies featured in Michael Moseley’s BBC Just One Thing health podcast also show that more than other forms of exercise, dancing with others:

  • releases feel-good endorphins, triggering positive feelings and boosting mental health
  • reduces the risk of heart conditions and dementia
  • improves balance, co-ordination, and spatial working memory

The only criteria to make the playlist is a tune and a beat to get people’s feet tapping! Think 50’s Motown alongside 80’s disco greats and today’s trance, and everything in between. The sets start with an easy beat, and gradually build the tempo, seamlessly moving between genres as diverse as Latin, hip-hop and funk. The last song each week is a slower number, which some people like to use for stretching and wind-down purposes.

Our venue is the lovely St Leonards Parish Hall, which allows for ample parking, and enough space for a comfy chill-out zone for anyone who wishes to step out of the disco at any point.

We look forward to welcoming you on a Wednesday evening to this exciting community initiative!

Please email hilltopdisco@gmail.com for more information and to register, or contact Kathryn on 07946 511122